Applying for Residencia is a simple though sometimes drawn out process...


The application forms can be obtained from a designated police station or through us.

In addition you need to provide

-          a photocopy of your passport

-          3 passport-sized photos with a white background

-          your NIE number

-          proof of private health cover if under 65 or E121 (if 65 or over)


This is handed in to the Police Station and a receipt is given. After a period of time which can vary between approximately 3 and 10 months, a letter is sent to inform you when you can go to the city Police Station to have your fingerprints taken, and within a few weeks of that visit, your Residencia Card is ready for collection from the police station where the original application was made.


To speed up the process we can arrange to have a form sent to you and help you fill in the form so all you have to do is to take the documents to the Police Station. Please contact us for a form.